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conversation about next holiday

amira : hello nabilah!
nabilah : hello!
amira :good afternoon!
nabilah : good afternoon too!
amira : there will be a long weekend in the end of the semester after the  first semester evaluation test,             am i right?
nabilah : yes of course there are!
amira : have you got some plan?
nabilah : yes.
amira : what's your plan?
amira : where are you going to?
nabilah : i am going to maldives, amira!
amira : wow! what a great plan.
amira : what are you going to do there?
nabilah : i wanna go swimming, diving, and snorkling, and maybe sufring.
amira : it will be fun!
nabilah : yeah
amira : where are you going to stay ?
nabilah : i am goint to stay in Niyama Private Islands Maldives.
amira : amazing! i hear that's a 5-star hotel.
amira : are you going to the famous underwater restaurant there?
nabilah : i still don't have plan about that, but i would love to!
amira : when is the date of your holiday?
nabilah : approximately between 1-5 of december.
amira : ohh
nabilah : and amira, where are you go…
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*In teachers room*

Nabilah: Hello!
Amira : Hello!
Nabilah : My name is Nabilah, what's your name?
Amira : My name is Amira, nice to meet you!
Nabilah : Nice to meet you too!
Amira : What are you doing in here?
Nabilah : I want to give this task to my english teacher.
Amira: ooh, who's your english teacher?
Nabilah : Miss Azka, who's your english teacher?
Amira : Miss Dinda, she is so kind to our class
Nabilah : Miss azka is so kind to our class too, she is never angry and she always make us laugh.
Amira: by the way, where is your class?
Nabilah : My class is at X MIPA 8, on the third floor.
Amira : ohh, that's far from my class.
Nabilah : Where is yours?
Amira : My class is at X MIPA 3 on the first floor.
Nabilah: do you want to join me to the canteen ?
Amira : Sure, can i let my friend to join us?
Nabilah : of course, that will be more fun! my friend will join us too!
Amira : okay, i'll be right back with my friends, see you!
Nabilah : okay see you!

Amira Kylanindita

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Amira Kylanindita. My friends use to call me Amira. 

I'm a student of SMAN 3 Bandung. Right now, my class is in X MIPA 8. I am from Taruna Bakti JHS. I'm 14 years old. I was born in Bandung, on 1st of September 2002.

My father's name is Denny Novisar Mahmuradi. My mother's name is Rike Rikmasari. I also have one little brother, his name is Mohammad Farrel Shafry, he is 12 years old now. He's studying in Taruna Bakti Junior Highschool at teh 7th grade. I love my family because they are humble, friendly, and kind.

I am a kind person. My hobbies are playing piano, read novels, sings, and play games. My favorite colours are black, white, peach, and army green. 

When i was 2 years old, i enter a playgroup. My play group is in Mutiara Bunda at Jl. Pecah Kopi, Sukaluyu, Bandung. In 2008, i enter elementary school. My elementary school is also in Mutiara Bunda. When i was 12, i enter Junior High School in Taruna Bakti JHS.

That's all i w…