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Science Fair SMA Negri 3 Bandung was an event where the 11th grade showed their experiments infront of the whole school. There’s also several workshops and food stands. If you want to find out more about this event, you can watch the video down below 👇🏼
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edu passion is an event that held in SMAN 3 Bandung for 3rd grader to decide their university. But the first and the second grader also can join the event


ACTIVITY 1 Read the following announcement carefully and identify its elements.
TEXT 1 Elements of the Announcement Found/Not Found Details Opening Found “HELLO GEORGETOWN”
Contents Found Information of the event in

My last Holiday

Last Holiday, i went to Ciwidey for my extracurricular(JMD)'s activity, PenDas, for 7 days.
Before we went there, we get quarantine in school for one night.  We (the students and comittee) went there by TNI's truck for about one and a half hour. When we arrive there, about 9 o'clock we did some warm up for our body before doing the activities. After that, we did a longmarch to the forest and we arrive at there before maghrib. One of the comittee taught us about sheltering, he taught us how to built tent from our raincoat, and how to built a fire, he divide us into 4 groups. After we finish our shelter, we did our night routine. We cooked kornet, vegetables, and dendeng with our groups. Before we go to sleep, we change our clothes with sleeping set. The second day, they taught us about open navigation. On the third day, they taught us about closed navigation, when we can't see the extreme point. We had to shoot a degree of a compass, and go straight. The fourth day we l…

conversation about next holiday

amira : hello nabilah!
nabilah : hello!
amira :good afternoon!
nabilah : good afternoon too!
amira : there will be a long weekend in the end of the semester after the  first semester evaluation test,             am i right?
nabilah : yes of course there are!
amira : have you got some plan?
nabilah : yes.
amira : what's your plan?
amira : where are you going to?
nabilah : i am going to maldives, amira!
amira : wow! what a great plan.
amira : what are you going to do there?
nabilah : i wanna go swimming, diving, and snorkling, and maybe sufring.
amira : it will be fun!
nabilah : yeah
amira : where are you going to stay ?
nabilah : i am goint to stay in Niyama Private Islands Maldives.
amira : amazing! i hear that's a 5-star hotel.
amira : are you going to the famous underwater restaurant there?
nabilah : i still don't have plan about that, but i would love to!
amira : when is the date of your holiday?
nabilah : approximately between 1-5 of december.
amira : ohh
nabilah : and amira, where are you go…


*In teachers room*

Nabilah: Hello!
Amira : Hello!
Nabilah : My name is Nabilah, what's your name?
Amira : My name is Amira, nice to meet you!
Nabilah : Nice to meet you too!
Amira : What are you doing in here?
Nabilah : I want to give this task to my english teacher.
Amira: ooh, who's your english teacher?
Nabilah : Miss Azka, who's your english teacher?
Amira : Miss Dinda, she is so kind to our class
Nabilah : Miss azka is so kind to our class too, she is never angry and she always make us laugh.
Amira: by the way, where is your class?
Nabilah : My class is at X MIPA 8, on the third floor.
Amira : ohh, that's far from my class.
Nabilah : Where is yours?
Amira : My class is at X MIPA 3 on the first floor.
Nabilah: do you want to join me to the canteen ?
Amira : Sure, can i let my friend to join us?
Nabilah : of course, that will be more fun! my friend will join us too!
Amira : okay, i'll be right back with my friends, see you!
Nabilah : okay see you!

Amira Kylanindita

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Amira Kylanindita. My friends use to call me Amira. 

I'm a student of SMAN 3 Bandung. Right now, my class is in X MIPA 8. I am from Taruna Bakti JHS. I'm 14 years old. I was born in Bandung, on 1st of September 2002.

My father's name is Denny Novisar Mahmuradi. My mother's name is Rike Rikmasari. I also have one little brother, his name is Mohammad Farrel Shafry, he is 12 years old now. He's studying in Taruna Bakti Junior Highschool at teh 7th grade. I love my family because they are humble, friendly, and kind.

I am a kind person. My hobbies are playing piano, read novels, sings, and play games. My favorite colours are black, white, peach, and army green. 

When i was 2 years old, i enter a playgroup. My play group is in Mutiara Bunda at Jl. Pecah Kopi, Sukaluyu, Bandung. In 2008, i enter elementary school. My elementary school is also in Mutiara Bunda. When i was 12, i enter Junior High School in Taruna Bakti JHS.

That's all i w…